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Šermiřsky Spolek Jesenik is an association which came into being in June 2002. From the beginning of its activity it is focused on trainings, demonstrations and workshops promoting material culture and the craft of Middle Ages.

A group of artists in their repertoire prepared many thematic, individual and whole-day performances, presenting various aspects of life in Middle Ages. One can see  demonstrations of the association both in the whole Czech Republic, and overseas.

Since 2003 members of the group pay special  attention to historical education of children and youth from the Jesenik region where at elementary schools are founded fencing groups being new and attractive way of spending free time, and counteract pathological influences of today's society. Thanks to especially created teaching programmes for the first and second elementary school grades children gain knowledge and skills which are not accessible in history textbooks  . The main purpose is to bring more closer and in a funny form life in Middle Ages to pupils and literally fascinate them with this period. Information they get is passed on in the form of experience pedagogy; children have the possibility to join the demonstration actively and to find out as its participants about many interesting facts they will not find in books. Second half of fifteenth century is for the association the basic period which they re-enact. Moreover they broaden their interests about period of first Slavs on local terrains, as also about heroic and wild Vikings’ period. In their programme they also hold classes with regard to notions relating to periods of Renaissance and baroque; furthermore  they distinguish the period 1740 – 1780 reign of the empress Maria Teresa, which had great historical impact on Moravia and Silesia.

Because numerous crowds of recepients are very much interested in the introduction of this period, Šermiřsky Spolek Jesenik gladly meets their needs.     tel.+420725640641 Petr Šalplachta tel.+420725667822 Jan Hyžďal