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The town as Polish – Czech centre of Knighthood Training is also a place of International Knights' Tournaments organisation. The project entitled „International knights’ Feasts” is a serial cultural event organized by the city in two editions: spring and autumn since 2003. The event is organised with participation of partners representing „Knights’ Movement”, that is Opolskie Bractwo Rycerskie and Fraternity Knights’ Opolskie and Šermiřsky Spolek Jesenik.

International Knights’ Feasts already have their history and suitable rank among this type of events organised in whole Poland and Europe. The event is the most probably one of the largest undertakings of this type in Poland. Leading representatives of the knights’ movement recognised the tournaments in Byczyna as ones of the best in relation to their organisation, yielding in numbers only to days of Grunwald.

The panache the event which is organised with, attracts more and more large crowds of knights' fraternities and Slavic teams from the whole Europe. Members of the knights' fraternities of Austria, Belorussia, Czech, Ukraine and Lithuania alongside with representatives from the regions of Poland participate in it. There is an executioner, craftsmen specialising in former professions and fields of art, archers, jugglers, dancers and the treasure seekers.

Every year the organizers invite the best groups of old music from Europe to take the part in the event. There already played for the participants of Feasts such teams as: Tyr from Norway (Sheep Islands), Stonenhange, Old Olsa from Belorussia, Fidelius from Germany, Licvinski Chmiel or Wektor. An unquestionable attraction is the evening battle, which until now was played in the municipal park, where feasts were held till 2007. There were thrown stones on warriors conquering the walls of the city, hot water poured. Nowadays the battle is held in the town. Archers and warriors attack from outside to conquer the town.