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In byczynian town one cannot get bored. With special attention to the youngest, a rich educational offer was prepared for kindergartens’ pupils; also for schools on all stages of education and student. The offer encompasses workshops, lectures and multimedia demonstrations, „green schools”, one-, two- and three-days' school trips, winter resorts and colonies. Workers and members of Opolskie Bractwo Rycerskie alongside with hosts have lots of various proposals and everybody interested will surely find some interesting activity corresponding with his/her needs. Amongst these there are: fencing lessons with various types of coldsteel, horsemanship lessons, science of quill writing, workshops of weaving, old style dances, mint, ceramics. Those not willing to throw the axe or practice bow-shooting can shop on the mediaeval fair and see exhibitions of historical subject. The adorers of former crafts will discover as well: pottery, small-arms making, smithing, tailoring of historical dresses.

The fact the town in Byczyna serves tourists all year round is a considerable trump. One can arrive both  in the summer and winter, though the weather of distant times prevails here,  the floor heating will not let guests freeze. Fortress in Byczyna is no museum, one can feel here the true atmosphere of past ages. Craftsmen in their workshops produce helmets, armours and swords, horses stand in the stables, and warriors camp in the suburbs.